Sunday, 9 November 2014

Gloomy Saturday at Vivo

It's finally getting cooler (or more bearable the British girl at work would say). It felt like an English summer the past few days but defo not when the sky decided to pour sad tears down today, meh! I know some people actually enjoy this sort of gloomy weather but I certainly am not one of them.

The bae & I wandered around Soho for a good twenty minutes after going to Brunch Club to see that massive queue outside. We happened to find this fancy Italian place, Vivo on Elgin Street.

First thing's first, the inside looks quite nice and modern but not very Italian (just saying). It was rather quiet for a Saturday afternoon, there were only a few customers. We ordered ham & cheese omelette and eggs benedict; raspberry iced tea and apple juice for drink. The raspberry iced tea…hmm… imagine Arizona raspberry iced tea (which I'm obsessed with!) diluted with water, yuck! AND it costed $58 which I found kinda expensive for a glass of not-so-yummy drink.

The apple juice was just apple juice.

The omelette was good, I mean omelette could never go wrong, very cheesy!

The eggs benedict was alright. One of the yolks was on point yet the other one was slightly overcooked; sadly the hollandaise sauce was kinda tasteless and the consistency was a little bit watery; the spinach was real fresh tho!

I would say the price of Vivo is reasonable (except for that glass of raspberry iced tea!). It's standard-soho-restaurant pricing. The meal costs $282: omelette $98; eggs benedict $98; apple juice $28; raspberry iced tea $58.

One little note: there is no service charge for this restaurant which is quite rare.

Came home and read some of the reviews of this fancy pancy Italian place on Openrice, most of them  were very positive. I think this restaurant is kinda overrated, I wouldn't say this place was terrible but I'm quite certain that I wouldn't come here again, well, at least not for brunch again.

I almost forgot to mention the smoke that came out from the kitchen. It was pretty frightening. They need better exhaust fan ha!

 Vivo ; 41-43 Elgin Street, Soho, Central

See you next Saturday.

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