Saturday, 15 November 2014

From Excitement to Disappointment: Oldish

We finally got to try this cute little British restaurant on Tung Street. We had to wait outside for 30-ish mins for the window seats (I believe it's called al fresco), which we had absolutely no problem with!

Looks like a cozy place to chill. And yes they have a cute company car lol

They didn't have many food choices, in fact, there were only 5 options for lunch but that was okay, good restaurants usually don't have a large variety of choices (apparently, they proved me wrong)

We ordered Set A which was the Oldish Hash Brown ($118) and Set C which was the Roasted Chicken Breast with Waldorf Salad ($118); for drinks we had pink lemonade and iced tea. We waited for more than 30 minutes for that hash brown, I mean really?! (it says 15 mins on the menu). 

Oldish Hash Borwn
When the hash brown came, we were really excited because it looks über delicious. The portion was quite generous: four slices of bacon, one perfectly-cooked runny egg, a skillet full of hash brown, some diced mushrooms, some cream cheese (I assume it was) and a slice of toasted bread

It just looked amazing especially when it was served with a skillet. But, a huge BUT, after I had my first bite I was so disappointed. Not only it was almost tasteless, the hash brown base was totally unexpectedly hard. Not that it wasn't crispy but the potato was really hard that I started to doubt if it was fully cooked. Imagine it felt like eating sliced apple or peach (may be a rotten one)

The only thing I liked about the dish was those sautéed mushrooms. We managed to finish the whole dish because we added a lot of table salt & black pepper, and we didn't want to waste food.

Roasted Chicken Breast with Waldorf Salad
I have to say it was a rather small portion considering they charged an exorbitant price. I only ordered it because of its sexy name. First, the presentation was not quite compelling. Chicken breast was alright, it was tender yet a bit tasteless; the salad was total rubbish (don't mean to be rude but it really was amateur), I swear they have even better salad at Starbucks; don't even get me started on that two slices of toasted bread, they were just hard and they hurt the roof of my mouth. 
Please tell me I am not the only one that don't like hard and cold toasts!

The staff were generally friendly and approachable, except one. This particular guy he looked/ sounded really welcoming but there was something about him that was not so welcoming at the same time. You could just feel it ugh!

It was not a very filling/ satisfying meal (we actually went to Hollywood Road for much yummier burgers afterward), I don't reckon I would ever go back again. 

Oldish ; G/F, 53 Tung Street, Sheung Wan  

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, see you next time.

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