Thursday, 9 April 2015

Little Burro

If you work around cwb area, you should be no stranger to Little Burro. They've been around for quite awhile now, serving us with quality and delish American-Mexican food. And now they expanded further west on the Island. It was actually the first American-Mexican resto we visited when we were first introduced to American-Mexican food 2 years ago. 

We know nothing about authentic Mexican food, the one clue we have is that Mexican food is really spicy, it's so spicy that it makes you poop lol. American-Mexican on the other hand is less spicy yet cheesier, we reckon? Without further due, let's jump right into it.
We went to the shop on Upper Station Street, there are heaps of new restaurant opened around that area, still waiting for a good cupcake shop tho. And there are so many cool graffiti lately, so make sure you check them out too.
Excuse the aftermath we left on the table ha! The shop is not too big but the design is pretty ghetto chic. I remember they posted a picture of them hosting a partying for HKU students not too long ago on their Instagram. It's just really cool throwing a taco party, isn't it?
Everyone is telling us to try their burrito and rice bowl but we just don't really like burrito for some reason, maybe it's too filling or maybe it's the carb. Their portion is just right, we find some taco from elsewhere too big for one to finish.

Smokey Chipotle Chicken Quesadillas $88; Soft Fish Taco $80; Tortilla Chips & Guac $38
Smokey Chipotle Chicken Quesadillas
This is a plate of yummy evilness! The tortillas were perfectly grilled and crispy; cheese was oozing down the side; meat was well-seasoned and tender; the black beans were soft and mushy in the inside, and to top it off with the sour cream and salsa ahhh! We actually really liked the flavour of the salsa here, so make sure you have salsa, sour cream and guac every single bite, that's how we roll!
Soft Fish Taco
This is one of the best fish tacos we have ever had! It's exactly what you'd expect from an ahmazing fish taco! The fish was spiced and deep-fried and surprisingly tender, soft and not soggy at all! Now here comes the best bit, I don't know if the mango and papaya salsa is authentic Mexican flavour, but oh mah gawd it's so effing good. It's like perfect combo with the fish! And look at those cheese on top, somebody get me tissues, my keyboard is weeeeet! *slurp slurp*
Tortilla Chips & Guac
We just love snacking on nachos, we can do it errday all day! If you're like us, you have to order this bowl of goodness when you visit Little Burro. The guac was on point, we love how it was not very salty but you could taste the saltiness that brought out the avocado flavour and it wasn't blended all the way thru, you could still find a few trunks of avocado pulp in there. And the colourful nachos just bring the whole presentation to another level.

Let us know which Mexican resto is your fav on Instagram @thefatkidprobs, maybe we'll get around to try that too! Have a wonderful weekend peeps!

Little Burro ; 1 Upper Station Street, Sheung Wan

Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Phew... 3 essays and 1 presentation down. So we were invited to a few tasting events last month and finally got around to blog! We write what we honestly think even if it's a tasting invitation, #justsaying We don't recall any Mexican restaurants in town besides Taco Tuesday in Soho (Wait! Is it even called Taco Tuesday? LOL) before Cali-Mex and Little Burro popped up out of the blue and taken over!

Pretty sure you must have passed by one of their shops if you live/work on the island side cos they're literally everywhere! They opened their first 3 shops last November, in total there are 7 shops now and one more coming in Sai Ying Pun in April, impressive huh!

Let's talk about Mexican food. The first picture that came to our mind was the scene in Bridesmaids when they got food poisoning after going to a Mexican restaurant and the bride pooped in an expensive designer gown on a busy road. Okay, let's forget about it! That's not gonna happen in Cali-Mex cus they use the top quality ingredients and you can always go for the mild flavours if you can't take the spice, so don't worry and wear your Dolce & Gabanna jeans!

Soft Fish Taco $98; Spinach Quesadillas $118; Angus Steak with Nachos $138

Soft Fish Taco 
We love fish tacos and whenever it's available on the menu, we order it. Obviously they have used some good quality fish for these tacos because the fish was really tender. The lettuce was very fresh and there's plenty of sour cream and salsa on it. Just the way we like it! By the way, those colourful bottles behind are soda all the way from Mexico, our favourite flavour is the pineapple one!

Spinach Quesadillas
This is a must-order if you come here with a few mates. We have never had quesadillas with spinach but now we are in love! Two reasons, first, the tortillas was freshly baked and the spinach inside was moist and so cheesy, simply delicious; second, since it's veggie, we felt less guilt. But we still prefer chicken quesadilla more tehee!

Angus Steak with Nachos 
Because we just cannot stop snacking on nachos, together with the guac and salsa, I mean what's better than that!? To be honest, we were surprised with the amount of beef they gave us (those dark cubes, sorry they looked better in real). Yes it's quite expensive but hey it's Australian Angus rump steak and it's really tender! One thing, extra $18 for a scoop of guac, really? But considering it's freshly made with high quality Aussie avocado every day, it's fair after all.

Hope y'all are having a wonderful Easter break! 

Cali-Mex ; G/F, 77 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan

Monday, 2 March 2015

California Dream

Soz for the MIA happened once again, blame the school works! Hope y'all have had an awesome Chinese New Year and let's not stop the good food coming! Btw, one thing has crossed my mind the other day, am I the only one still addicted to Ferrero Rocher? Because I, swear to god, have devoured 2 entire boxes of Ferrero Rocher in one week but the bae just didn't quite understand this obsession, I mean seriously?! Anyway, enough bullshit, let's jump right into this blog…

Although The Diner is located in the middle of Soho, it's not that easy to find them as they are on a quiet street away form the hustle and bustle. The only clue I could tell you is it's located besides Ovolo Hotel Soho and Cafe O, you can go up the escalator next to dragon-i.

Never been to the States but the interior looks pretty authentic American diner to me. We adore the floor tiles! 

The All-American $118; The Dime Burger $139; S'mores Milkshake $78

The All-American
Normally I order a full breakfast when I feel like a boring person or I am really hungry, like really hungry. This is a pretty average full breakfast; egg, bacon, sausage, toast and hash browns (but no baked beans ugh!) There's really not much to say about this, prob not the dish I'd come back for. 
One side note: don't wait till the last minute to finish the pancake because it'll get cold and hard and taste disgusting!

The Dime Burger
I wouldn't say this burger is amazing but for a Sunday afternoon when you were so hungry because you woke at 2pm and not eaten all day, it's definitely good enough. The only thing I have to criticise is the patty being a bit under-flavoured. I actually really liked the sides, the chips were crispy and hot and the coleslaw was sour and refreshing, perfect for a heavy meal.

S'mores Milkshake
This needs no fancy title, just simply a glass of goodness! This is certainly not that sorta milkshake for everyone, it's very dangerous yet very delicious. It's got a very strong vanilla base with chocolate syrup, and to top it off with the indulging marshmallow fluff, very sweet and fattening #calories #noshame! It would be even better if they add a handful of cinnamon crumbs on top nom! However, $78 for a cup of milkshake? I mean it's certainly a cup of pricey milkshake.

This is random I know, I only took this photo because I found this seat pretty bad ass! This place is a perfect place for fam jam on a Sunday afternoon. Pretty much that's it, hope you all have had a fantastic weekend!

The Diner ; G/F, 4-8 Arbuthnot Road, Central

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Pho Sure! 2.0

If Chômchôm was Katy Perry, Bêp (which is under the group of Nha Trang) had to be Beyonce because it hasn't only got the look but it's the whole package. It looks great, tastes sensational which makes it certainly the best Viet restaurant in HK. Last time we had a post on Chômchôm which we weren't really impressed. We will tell you why and how we think Bêp is better than Chômchôm right about now.

First, Bêp has two shops so you could always make your way to the other one when one is full; and Chômchôm only has one. We usually go to the one in Soho; next to Pure Fitness, we only went to this one on Wellington Street; right next to Mana, for blogging because it's so much brighter here. Here's something you may not know, although they have the same menu, the food is much better at the one in Soho for some reasons.

Second, they have a larger variety of choices than Chômchôm, not to mention Chômchôm doesn't even have pho which is really disappointing! But there's one thing Chômchôm does better than Bêp is that they have better rice paper rolls. ( If you really want rolls in Bêp, try the fish rolls called Ca Chien Cuon. It's not too bad! )

Beef Salad $90; Calamari Cake $68; Rice Platter $90; Bun Vermicelli with Pork $78;
Beef Salad
This is defo not one of those healthy salads but this is probably one of the tastiest salads we have ever had. It has so much flavours and it's that kind of salads that wouldn't make you feel like, okay I'm eating straight grass now. The sauce is very vietnamese, sour, citrus, super refreshing. The char-grilled beef is tender and smoky; tomatoes are juicy and fresh; the crushed peanuts and sesame are awesome. However, surprisingly, we found ourselves enjoy eating the onions and tomatoes more than the beef.

Calamari Cake
Compare to other vietnamese food, this calamari cake has a milder flavour, not saying it's less tasty than any other dishes tho. We actually love it! You can actually find real calarmi bits inside and there's also chopped red pepper and water chestnut. This is certainly one of the dishes we order every time.

Rice Platter
If I have to use one word to describe this rice platter, it has to be 'satisfying'. This is the dish that constantly comes into my mind when I feel proper hungry. It has a BIG slice of honey glazed pork cutlet, it's huge and so delicious. For those of you who don't like hard and tough pork chop, I guarantee you this is not the case in Bêp!  There's also a fried egg, and some caramelised braised shrimps, and rice, I mean what more can you ask for?

Bun Vermicelli with Pork
In Bêp you can either have Pho or Bun. If you feel like having some fabulous pork cutlet, you have to order this Bun Xuong Nuong! Nothing could ever go wrong with Bun Vermicelli, top it off with the fermented carrots and viet sauce, just bring it the a whole new level. Besides, the Pho Nam is pretty awesome too, love the mint and basil together.

What are you guys up to this weekend? We is pretty excited for the Lily Allen's gig, see you there maybe? *wink*

Bêp ; Ground Floor 88 - 90 Wellington St, Central

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Pho Sure!

 Chômchôm has been around for quite a while, we've been dying to try for too long. Firstly because we love Vietnamese food, I mean who doesn't? Secondly it was one of the most highly anticipated restaurants on our to-go list because everyone's been telling us how good it is and how it is better than Bêp (One of our fave Vietnamese restaurants), which turned out to be false, Bêp FTW! I seriously don't understand why people like it that much, maybe the chef just wasn't in the right mood that day, maybe?

It's located on Peel Street; right down Brunch Club, opposite 7-11. We've walked pass it too many times and not realising its existence prob because it doesn't look very Vietnamese? And those stairs outside, BE CAREFUL!! Just a friendly reminder.

They open at half 4 everyday and to get the perfect daylight for blogging, we went there as soon as they opened aka the most awkward time for lunch/ tea/ early dinner? Btw, those handwriting on the mirror, love that!

First thing's first, they do not have pho which is velly velly disappointing! We can't help but order pho every time we visit a Vietnamese restaurant. We actually spent really long time deciding what to order despite the fact that they didn't have a large variety pfft!

VFC $88; Shrimp & Roasted Pork Rice Paper Roll $78; Bun Cha Pork Skewer $128

Vietnamese fried chicken wings, couldn't/shouldn't be bad but they were bad... They were just overpowered and really salty, they were like your-lips-and-gum-get-swollen-after-the-first-bite salty, you get the idea lol. We're the biggest fans of chicken wings but it was too salty that we couldn't finish JUST EIGHT chicken wings. But to be honest, even if they are less salty, they are just ordinary chicken wings which you could easily find them somewhere else or make them yourselves, just saying!

Shrimp & Roasted Pork Rice Paper Roll
This was the only good dish we had sadly. I mean if the other dishes taste as good as this one, we might actually come again. We were actually so glad that they were not overly salty, or we were gonna leave with empty belly. You usually get either pork, chicken or soft shell crab in rice paper rolls, but this one they had both pork and shrimp #greediness. All the other usual ingredients were fresh and the rice paper was soft and chewy. We just hate dried out rice paper.

Bun Cha Pork Skewer 
Have absolute no idea what the name means ha but basically there were pork belly, pork shoulder and vermicelli which I convinced myself it shall taste kinda like that bun vermicelli at Bêp. But again, this was too salty that it hurter our gum, maybe it'd be better if the bae didn't pour all the sauce in it, just maybe?

I know some people like Chômchôm a lot but we found it completely overrated. I wouldn't have expected that much if the Brit girl from work didn't keep telling they are way better than Bêp
(from her opinion which is nonsense!). No expectations = no disappointments duh!
But hey there was one thing that we like them better than Bêp, Chômchôm is more airy and it has the daylight peeking in which allows us to take pics and blog ha!

Chômchôm ; G/F Block A, No. 58-60 Peel Street, Central

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Korean All Day Errday

Hope you all have had a wonderful start to the new year. For this very first post in 2015 we have decided to introduce you guys one of our favourite restaurants in HK. This Korean restaurant is a hidden gem located at the L Place on Queen's Road in Central (it's actually closer to Sheung Wan MTR station). It's not the most authentic Korean cuisine but they've got an interesting and modern twist to the traditional korean dishes.

Jang's never overly crowded. We have been here many times and we never had to wait for tables, not even on a Friday night, probably because they've so many seats and perhaps, it's not the most popular choice for dinner? Anyhow, we went there for lunch on a Saturday(perfect time for blogging), the staff was so nice that she arranged us the window seats after knowing we were gonna take some photos for you guys!

Like every other Korean restaurants, you start off with Banchan, those small dishes of starter, which of course can be refilled *wink*. To be honest, we rarely enjoy Banchan but we LOVED the Banchan here. We're not much of a spicy/kimchi person but surprisingly these 're okay for moi. If it's okay for us, it's gonna be fine for everyone else haha. Also they had some really really good Banchan that we have never tried else where like the glazed potato, pea sprouts, and broccoli with those tiny lil fish.

Believe us when we tell you we try really hard not to order the same dish every time because we're just that boring ha! They've actually got quite a wide variety of choices but it was only lunch so we've only ordered three dishes. Their seafood pancake was wicked good as well!

Prawn & Jellyfish Salad with Korean Mustard Dressing $108; Napa Wraps with Pork Belly, Radish Kimchi and Lettuce $198; Mushroom Fried Rice with BBQ Pork $168

Prawn & Jellyfish Salad with Korean Mustard Dressing
What can I say? This has to be our favourite dish! We've never had anything like this before, it's a really exciting and refreshing salad. This is like a customised salad for us because it has all our favourite ingredients like jellyfish, prawns, sliced seafood sticks and cucumber, but what we loved the most about this salad was the Wasabi! It's quite strong but we were just so addicted. Make sure you order this if you have a stuffed nose ha!

Napa Wraps with Pork Belly, Radish Kimchi and Lettuce
Now this gotta be our favourite dish! Yes another favourite dish! Please don't ever compare this with the other similar dish you have had elsewhere. This one is beyond uhhmazing. Okay let's start with those beautiful slices of pork belly. Thank god they did not have that stinky smell of pork. They were thick but soft. The sauce that came with it was very tasty. I am not sure what sauce it was but it wasn't too spicy and it has some lil dried shrimps inside. It just tasted super nice. Lettuce, cucumber and carrot were all fresh and crunchy and you can always ask for more. Make sure you don't forget to try those salad on top of those pork belly, they are the best part of this dish. They are perfectly seasoned with spice and sesame oil. Shame they couldn't refill that for us (we actually asked for more every time haha).   

Mushroom Fried Rice with BBQ Pork 
This is a very usual Korean dish you could get elsewhere but you could easily tell this one is much better. We tried this for two times. The first time we had it the pork was slightly overcooked which made them a bit rough, but this time the tenderness of the barbecue pork brought the whole thing to a whole new level! The pork was beautifully marinated, it has a sweet and fruity flavour.

Wishing y'all a bright and fruitful year! Here's to another awesome year ahead, happy 2k15 you beautiful lot x

JANG ; The L. Place, 137-141 Queen's Road Central

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Make It Like Your Birthday Everyday

Sparks & Cakes

It was founded by one absolutely talented young lady, Heidi Luk. She is a Le Cordon Bleu grad as well as a former pastry chef at one of the most well known high-end bakeries in town. Her pastry/cake design doesn't only look phenomenal, tastes even better! Make sure you check out the work she's done on her Facebook page, they're just goooorgeous!

Unfortunately, they don't have an actual shop at the moment but we foresee some expansion coming sooner or later! To reach her you can contact her via Facebook & Instagram, will leave her links at the end of the post. 

"A party without cake is just a meeting" Julia Child

The best thing about Sparks is that you can sorta customise your cake. Heidi is an absolute sweetheart, you tell her however your heart desires and she will do her best to make it happen! She turns every cake into a piece of art, you can literally feel her love and passion when you dig in the cakes.

Every order comes with a sparkle/firework candle (however you call it), which ties to their name Sparks I guess. They don't have a shop at the moment, hence, you could only pick up your order at Wanchai or Kowloon Tong. Sometimes they even come over and do the dessert table/ deco for your party, which looks pretty dope so make sure you ask!

This is not my first order from Sparks, I've had a raspberry white chocolate cake, an earl grey cake and a chocolate cake with lemon curd filling before. And this one goes out to all the lemon lovers, lemon all thing errthang! I got this beautiful yellow ruffle cake alongside two dozens of macaron and a box of meringue kisses for my baby cousin's birthday. The macarons were mega delish! They were literally all gone in a second, I've only had one piece bitch!

Ruffle cake $850; Macaron $200 for one dozen; Meringue $120 for 20 kisses

Velvet cake with lemon buttercream & lemon curd filling

Look at those ruffles, how can you not love this cake? Gotta say it again, it doesn't only look phenomenal and it tastes even betta! It was a yellow ombre cake on the inside, words can't show how beeeautiful it was. The velvet cake was so soft, so divine; together with the buttercream and lemon curd which were evenly distributed between each cake layer, it was a wonderful lemon heeeaven! I know some people like my cousin really like to eat sugar paste (or fondant for the American) but it's just not my thing, it tastes sorta like playdoh to me.

Lemon macarons with lemon buttercream & lemon curd

This is a little box of goodness! The macaron shells are bursting with lemon zest and lemon extract to give you that tangy crunchy French cookies that filled with the heavenly buttercream and lemon curd. The lemon buttercream and lemon curd filling together are proper addictive, the buttercream itself was rather soft and silky, it had a rich lemon flavour which was very refreshing; along with the lemon curd filling in the centre, giving you the perfect balance of tanginess and sweetness.

Little meringue kisses

I don't know about you but I'm a massive fan of meringue! I found most people are not familiar with them, they are basically just egg white, caster sugar, cream of tartar mixed together, just to give you the idea. The meringue kisses were perfectly baked, I personally like them to be crispy on the outside and slightly chewy and mallowy on the inside. And this is exactly what you would get from them!

Sparks ; Facebook: SparksByHeidi // Instagram: @heidi_sparks

We're just 7 sleeps away from Christmas peeps! What're your holiday plans? 
Wishing y'all a joyful holiday season with your family and friends.