Thursday, 9 April 2015

Little Burro

If you work around cwb area, you should be no stranger to Little Burro. They've been around for quite awhile now, serving us with quality and delish American-Mexican food. And now they expanded further west on the Island. It was actually the first American-Mexican resto we visited when we were first introduced to American-Mexican food 2 years ago. 

We know nothing about authentic Mexican food, the one clue we have is that Mexican food is really spicy, it's so spicy that it makes you poop lol. American-Mexican on the other hand is less spicy yet cheesier, we reckon? Without further due, let's jump right into it.
We went to the shop on Upper Station Street, there are heaps of new restaurant opened around that area, still waiting for a good cupcake shop tho. And there are so many cool graffiti lately, so make sure you check them out too.
Excuse the aftermath we left on the table ha! The shop is not too big but the design is pretty ghetto chic. I remember they posted a picture of them hosting a partying for HKU students not too long ago on their Instagram. It's just really cool throwing a taco party, isn't it?
Everyone is telling us to try their burrito and rice bowl but we just don't really like burrito for some reason, maybe it's too filling or maybe it's the carb. Their portion is just right, we find some taco from elsewhere too big for one to finish.

Smokey Chipotle Chicken Quesadillas $88; Soft Fish Taco $80; Tortilla Chips & Guac $38
Smokey Chipotle Chicken Quesadillas
This is a plate of yummy evilness! The tortillas were perfectly grilled and crispy; cheese was oozing down the side; meat was well-seasoned and tender; the black beans were soft and mushy in the inside, and to top it off with the sour cream and salsa ahhh! We actually really liked the flavour of the salsa here, so make sure you have salsa, sour cream and guac every single bite, that's how we roll!
Soft Fish Taco
This is one of the best fish tacos we have ever had! It's exactly what you'd expect from an ahmazing fish taco! The fish was spiced and deep-fried and surprisingly tender, soft and not soggy at all! Now here comes the best bit, I don't know if the mango and papaya salsa is authentic Mexican flavour, but oh mah gawd it's so effing good. It's like perfect combo with the fish! And look at those cheese on top, somebody get me tissues, my keyboard is weeeeet! *slurp slurp*
Tortilla Chips & Guac
We just love snacking on nachos, we can do it errday all day! If you're like us, you have to order this bowl of goodness when you visit Little Burro. The guac was on point, we love how it was not very salty but you could taste the saltiness that brought out the avocado flavour and it wasn't blended all the way thru, you could still find a few trunks of avocado pulp in there. And the colourful nachos just bring the whole presentation to another level.

Let us know which Mexican resto is your fav on Instagram @thefatkidprobs, maybe we'll get around to try that too! Have a wonderful weekend peeps!

Little Burro ; 1 Upper Station Street, Sheung Wan

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