Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Phew... 3 essays and 1 presentation down. So we were invited to a few tasting events last month and finally got around to blog! We write what we honestly think even if it's a tasting invitation, #justsaying We don't recall any Mexican restaurants in town besides Taco Tuesday in Soho (Wait! Is it even called Taco Tuesday? LOL) before Cali-Mex and Little Burro popped up out of the blue and taken over!

Pretty sure you must have passed by one of their shops if you live/work on the island side cos they're literally everywhere! They opened their first 3 shops last November, in total there are 7 shops now and one more coming in Sai Ying Pun in April, impressive huh!

Let's talk about Mexican food. The first picture that came to our mind was the scene in Bridesmaids when they got food poisoning after going to a Mexican restaurant and the bride pooped in an expensive designer gown on a busy road. Okay, let's forget about it! That's not gonna happen in Cali-Mex cus they use the top quality ingredients and you can always go for the mild flavours if you can't take the spice, so don't worry and wear your Dolce & Gabanna jeans!

Soft Fish Taco $98; Spinach Quesadillas $118; Angus Steak with Nachos $138

Soft Fish Taco 
We love fish tacos and whenever it's available on the menu, we order it. Obviously they have used some good quality fish for these tacos because the fish was really tender. The lettuce was very fresh and there's plenty of sour cream and salsa on it. Just the way we like it! By the way, those colourful bottles behind are soda all the way from Mexico, our favourite flavour is the pineapple one!

Spinach Quesadillas
This is a must-order if you come here with a few mates. We have never had quesadillas with spinach but now we are in love! Two reasons, first, the tortillas was freshly baked and the spinach inside was moist and so cheesy, simply delicious; second, since it's veggie, we felt less guilt. But we still prefer chicken quesadilla more tehee!

Angus Steak with Nachos 
Because we just cannot stop snacking on nachos, together with the guac and salsa, I mean what's better than that!? To be honest, we were surprised with the amount of beef they gave us (those dark cubes, sorry they looked better in real). Yes it's quite expensive but hey it's Australian Angus rump steak and it's really tender! One thing, extra $18 for a scoop of guac, really? But considering it's freshly made with high quality Aussie avocado every day, it's fair after all.

Hope y'all are having a wonderful Easter break! 

Cali-Mex ; G/F, 77 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan

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