Thursday, 20 November 2014

Perfect Saturday afternoon at Corner Kitchen Cafe

We have walked past this cafe for several times and every time we walked past, we stopped to lift up our head. The first time we stopped because of the wonderful smoky aroma of grilling meat; the second time we walked past, the handwriting on that big black menu board caught our eye (maybe the ginger guy too shh...); the third time we passed by, we heard some lovely Filipinos ladies (or Thai?) singing loud in the kitchen!

The cafe is located right opposite Hollywood Road Park; next to 208 Duecento Otto as well as a coffin shop, for those of you who can read Chinese might have already noticed it. #lolz

The atmosphere of this cafe was pretty laid back and the staff looked like they've just seen Kim K's full frontal (please google it yourself lol), they looked super chuffed! & those cakes inside that fridge, we're so coming back for them.

They have more seats available upstairs. The view is actually quite nice as you can overview Hollywood Road Park. I could just sit there with a glass of iced lemonade and daydream whole day.

We were just overwhelmed by their menu because they have so many options for brunch (was dying to try the scrambled egg, feta cheese and avocado wrap). However, it was already half 3 when we got there so there was no brunch for moi! BUT! We wouldn't have tried the two yummy burgers we had - Juicy Beef Burger ($108) and Salmon Burger ($125).

Juicy Beef Burger
While we were deciding what to order, we saw this lady sitting behind feasting on a beef burger with lava-like cheese oozing down the sides. We looked at each other and we knew we were gonna make some delicious mess

We usually avoid ordering burgers because not only it takes a lot of effort to eat but also we have had too many terrible burgers. The beef patty is the soul of a burger and this beef patty, I mean this juicy beef patty, is exactly how a good one should be. It has subtle herb undertones; the edge is crunchy; the inside is moist and a little bit pink; and it has the perfect thickness. The melting cheese was magical - it was so gooey and rich. Together with the caramelised onions, strip of bacon, fresh lettuce and tomato, it was a Perfect-10-beef-burger. 

Save the best for last - Salmon Burger
This salmon burger was EVERYTHING! When I say EVERYTHING, I MEAN EVERRRYTHING! This was prob my first ever salmon burger & I loved it! Salmon was on point, just simply amazing. It was beautifully pink, the meat was tender and moist, tasted nothing like it’d been frozen and it went perfect with the red onions and the watercress (or rocket it is).

To top it off with the refreshing wasabi mayo which I found quite unique, is it just me or you all have never had wasabi mayo? It was surprisingly good, no joke! One word, amazeballs

Not to mention those beautiful crispy, golden brown sweet potato chips on side, need I say more? You gotta try it yourself!

Oh! They also do private parties too. We happened to see a father bringing in dozen of cupcakes with his daughter holding countless balloons as we left. Should be a fab place for great fun & giggles with sweet company.

It was overall a pleasant experience we had in this cozy place, we highly recommend this cafe for all occasions, this is just a perrrfect place for everything! We are definitely coming back for more!

Corner Kitchen Cafe ; G/F, 226 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan

Hope you've had a wonderful week beautiful people, we are so close to the weekend!

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  1. Hopefully I'll try it next time! Every Sunday I pass by Sheung Wan but have no idea of this café :) Thanks for the amazing pics and review��