Thursday, 27 November 2014

Your Body Will Thank You

Looking for ways to get a glowing complexion? You've come to the right place hun (sounds like a Michelle Phan's video huh). The whole juicing thing has been a huge thing over the past 2 years, even Gwynth Paltrow and Beyoncé are big fans of cold pressed juice, it gotta be something GREAT!

The #1 benefit of cold pressed juice is that it contains up to 5 times more nutrients than regular juices. In regular juicing methods: pressure, heat and pasteurisation destroy enzyme and nutrients. Cold pressing, on the other hand, minimise these threats and even allow you to absorb more nutrients than consuming it raw. (I know it doesn't make sense, but that's the truth…) However, since these juices haven't been pasteurised, they may contain harmful bacteria, so make sure you keep them juice refrigerated all the time to prevent bacterial growth.

The idea is to drink all the greens and nutrients instead of eating the same quantity of fruit and veg. It detoxifies your kidney and liver and let your stomach rests, hence, it makes your body glows inside and out. I've tried several pressed juice shops and I have to say all the green juices looked pretty unflattering to me at first, not to mention their taste. However, for some reason, they sorta got you hooked on, prob because they make yo skin so glowy *wink*

Genie Juicery, the juice shop right next to Starbucks in IFC, is my favourite among all the cold pressed juices I have tried. Not only their juices have the best flavours, but they also have really enticing combinations of fruits and veg. If you are a first timer, you'll certainly be overwhelmed by the massive variety of juices in their store but no panic! This is when their staff come in handy, they are willing to sort out all your curiosities & sometimes you get samples too! 

I recommend you to try the fruit based juices for your first time because they couldn't taste bad, duh! Bo-yo for example is one of the least challenging drinks. If you're in the mood for something greener, go for Green Queen or Hawaii H2O, both of them have got veg and fruits in it so it doesn't feel like you're drinking straight grass lol. And for some of you feeling more hardcore, Salad Bowl and Green Genie are defo your choices of juice! I'm okay with both of these two (which only contain veg) but I'm just not feeling the other veg based juice, Hulk, as it's got ginger and cayenne in it so it could be quite spicy.

My favourite drinks have to be Beaches, $65 (it couldn't taste bad as it's got all the yummy fruits in it including strawberries, pineapple and acai)Green Genie, $65 (the best one among all the veggie based juices they have) & Vitamin Sea, $70 (It looks rather gross but it tastes ahhhmazing! And it's got spinach and spirulina in it so you're actually consuming plenty of greens)

I've done a few juice cleanses (level 2 & 3) with Genie Juicery. You will get a free cooler bag (which looks real cool) with an ice pack when you order a cleanse in store; plus two bags of extra supplements when you order online, and of course those cute stripped straws! Their bottles are slightly smaller than other pressed juice shops, but cost pretty much the same ($60-$75).

The first and most significant enhancement I noticed was my skin condition. I had acne problems but after 2-3 cleanses (well don't expect your skin goes perfecto after one bottle, it takes time!) my skin looked so much better, clearer and brighter, not to mention the body changes too. I don't know how to describe it but you can really feel the difference! I felt like a powered up Pac Man, with a flatter tummy.

Did I mention they have more than 30 flavours? INSANE!! Check our their website for all the flavours:

Genie Juicery ; 2096B, Level 2, IFC

Hope you find this helpful! See you next Thursday!

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