Friday, 12 December 2014

Pizza Because Why Not

Soz for being super MIA these days, you gotta bare with a PR student that has 3 assignments due at the same week and 2 more exams the following week sigh! I also missed out a Christmas party with loads of yummy food, not to mention partying with a model... thanks uni! Anyways, we were meant to upload this last week but better late than never *wink*

We've been to this pizza place a while back and we loved it! This time we went back again for the calamari, okay, call me square, I'm basically one of those people who order the same dish every single time, I mean what's the point of trying something else when you have found something you like so much. #sorrynotsorry

This pizza place is located on Tai Ping Shan Street which is quite hidden but if you know where Tung Wah Hospital is, they are located right opposite the hospital! Oh and it's just behind one of our favourite restaurants, de amazing Corner Kitchen Cafe which we've done a write up about, make sure you check it out if you haven't already!

They have some of the most welcoming staff we have ever met. Like they came to fill our glasses for more than ten times within 2 hours, probs because they could tell we're blogger by the camera? But we were absolutely flattered #lolz

All pizza were freshly made and baked from their 
brick oven and this is why the crusts are perfectly charred.

I'm never a beef person nor a big fan of eggplant and tuna so the shrimp pizza was the only option left for us haha but it didn't disappoint us, it was actually rather good!

We didn't have enough time to finish a feast because we were gonna watch Hunger Games afterwards whoop whoop! But let's be real, you could never finish a whole pizza on your own, could you?

The set lunch came with either salad or soup of the day. We didn't feel like having asparagus soup so we went for the salad which was actually not too bad but it didn't wow us. It was rather refreshing as it's got a mixture of sourness and spiciness together.

Calamari Fritti 

Calamari Fritti is one of our most frequently ordered starters, so were not particularly anticipated when we ordered it, but when we had our first bites, we knew we'd order this every time when we are here. We HATE rubbery and tough calamari rings, but these rings were firm yet tender at the same time. The batter was light and crispy but didn't feel greasy at all. The only fault was that some of the batter was detached. Oh and just look again, see how each calamari ring was deep fried to a perfect golden brown. But wait till i finish the best bit, the two sauces that came alongside! The white one is aioli which had a lovely creamy flavour with a subtle note of lemon zest and garlic. The brown one was an insanely good Thai-ish chilli sauce. It was one of those taste-bud awakening flavours. The sauce was sweet but with a gorgeous kick of coriander, lime and spice. It was so good that we even dipped our pizza with it.

Shrimp & Chorizo with Avocado Base Pizza

If you have never had any pizza besides those from Pizza Hut, you will never understand how amazing these freshly baked pizza are, or in fact how rubbish those from Pizza Hut are. We ordered pizza both time; t
he first time we had Applewood Smoked Salmon Pizza and this time we had the lunch special which was the Shrimp and Chorizo Pizza.

The dough of the first pizza was perfectly baked, looked amazing, smelled even better. We loved the slightly chewy texture. It wasn't too dry and it had a really attractive charred aroma, love that! The second one, on the other hand, was slightly disappointing because of the burnt edges which tasted a bit bitter. A good pizza should have a rich blend of flavors. Low sodium pizza is just not right. The sauce base for both pizza was delicious. The first one had a classic tomato base which was overwhelmingly rich and most importantly it has enough acidity (it's just a personal preference). The second pizza has a milder avocado base because of those yummy salty chorizo.

Less than 15 days left till Christmas people! If you're watching those Zoella's Christmas vlogs to get in the holiday/ Christmassy spirit, you're not the only one *wink*. Can't wait to do nothing but stuff myself with all the yummy food and get fat and shit! Who's as excited as we are? *high five*

 Cafe Deco Pizzeria ; 11 Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan

Have a wonderful weekend guys!

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