Thursday, 18 December 2014

Make It Like Your Birthday Everyday

Sparks & Cakes

It was founded by one absolutely talented young lady, Heidi Luk. She is a Le Cordon Bleu grad as well as a former pastry chef at one of the most well known high-end bakeries in town. Her pastry/cake design doesn't only look phenomenal, tastes even better! Make sure you check out the work she's done on her Facebook page, they're just goooorgeous!

Unfortunately, they don't have an actual shop at the moment but we foresee some expansion coming sooner or later! To reach her you can contact her via Facebook & Instagram, will leave her links at the end of the post. 

"A party without cake is just a meeting" Julia Child

The best thing about Sparks is that you can sorta customise your cake. Heidi is an absolute sweetheart, you tell her however your heart desires and she will do her best to make it happen! She turns every cake into a piece of art, you can literally feel her love and passion when you dig in the cakes.

Every order comes with a sparkle/firework candle (however you call it), which ties to their name Sparks I guess. They don't have a shop at the moment, hence, you could only pick up your order at Wanchai or Kowloon Tong. Sometimes they even come over and do the dessert table/ deco for your party, which looks pretty dope so make sure you ask!

This is not my first order from Sparks, I've had a raspberry white chocolate cake, an earl grey cake and a chocolate cake with lemon curd filling before. And this one goes out to all the lemon lovers, lemon all thing errthang! I got this beautiful yellow ruffle cake alongside two dozens of macaron and a box of meringue kisses for my baby cousin's birthday. The macarons were mega delish! They were literally all gone in a second, I've only had one piece bitch!

Ruffle cake $850; Macaron $200 for one dozen; Meringue $120 for 20 kisses

Velvet cake with lemon buttercream & lemon curd filling

Look at those ruffles, how can you not love this cake? Gotta say it again, it doesn't only look phenomenal and it tastes even betta! It was a yellow ombre cake on the inside, words can't show how beeeautiful it was. The velvet cake was so soft, so divine; together with the buttercream and lemon curd which were evenly distributed between each cake layer, it was a wonderful lemon heeeaven! I know some people like my cousin really like to eat sugar paste (or fondant for the American) but it's just not my thing, it tastes sorta like playdoh to me.

Lemon macarons with lemon buttercream & lemon curd

This is a little box of goodness! The macaron shells are bursting with lemon zest and lemon extract to give you that tangy crunchy French cookies that filled with the heavenly buttercream and lemon curd. The lemon buttercream and lemon curd filling together are proper addictive, the buttercream itself was rather soft and silky, it had a rich lemon flavour which was very refreshing; along with the lemon curd filling in the centre, giving you the perfect balance of tanginess and sweetness.

Little meringue kisses

I don't know about you but I'm a massive fan of meringue! I found most people are not familiar with them, they are basically just egg white, caster sugar, cream of tartar mixed together, just to give you the idea. The meringue kisses were perfectly baked, I personally like them to be crispy on the outside and slightly chewy and mallowy on the inside. And this is exactly what you would get from them!

Sparks ; Facebook: SparksByHeidi // Instagram: @heidi_sparks

We're just 7 sleeps away from Christmas peeps! What're your holiday plans? 
Wishing y'all a joyful holiday season with your family and friends. 

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