Saturday, 3 January 2015

Korean All Day Errday

Hope you all have had a wonderful start to the new year. For this very first post in 2015 we have decided to introduce you guys one of our favourite restaurants in HK. This Korean restaurant is a hidden gem located at the L Place on Queen's Road in Central (it's actually closer to Sheung Wan MTR station). It's not the most authentic Korean cuisine but they've got an interesting and modern twist to the traditional korean dishes.

Jang's never overly crowded. We have been here many times and we never had to wait for tables, not even on a Friday night, probably because they've so many seats and perhaps, it's not the most popular choice for dinner? Anyhow, we went there for lunch on a Saturday(perfect time for blogging), the staff was so nice that she arranged us the window seats after knowing we were gonna take some photos for you guys!

Like every other Korean restaurants, you start off with Banchan, those small dishes of starter, which of course can be refilled *wink*. To be honest, we rarely enjoy Banchan but we LOVED the Banchan here. We're not much of a spicy/kimchi person but surprisingly these 're okay for moi. If it's okay for us, it's gonna be fine for everyone else haha. Also they had some really really good Banchan that we have never tried else where like the glazed potato, pea sprouts, and broccoli with those tiny lil fish.

Believe us when we tell you we try really hard not to order the same dish every time because we're just that boring ha! They've actually got quite a wide variety of choices but it was only lunch so we've only ordered three dishes. Their seafood pancake was wicked good as well!

Prawn & Jellyfish Salad with Korean Mustard Dressing $108; Napa Wraps with Pork Belly, Radish Kimchi and Lettuce $198; Mushroom Fried Rice with BBQ Pork $168

Prawn & Jellyfish Salad with Korean Mustard Dressing
What can I say? This has to be our favourite dish! We've never had anything like this before, it's a really exciting and refreshing salad. This is like a customised salad for us because it has all our favourite ingredients like jellyfish, prawns, sliced seafood sticks and cucumber, but what we loved the most about this salad was the Wasabi! It's quite strong but we were just so addicted. Make sure you order this if you have a stuffed nose ha!

Napa Wraps with Pork Belly, Radish Kimchi and Lettuce
Now this gotta be our favourite dish! Yes another favourite dish! Please don't ever compare this with the other similar dish you have had elsewhere. This one is beyond uhhmazing. Okay let's start with those beautiful slices of pork belly. Thank god they did not have that stinky smell of pork. They were thick but soft. The sauce that came with it was very tasty. I am not sure what sauce it was but it wasn't too spicy and it has some lil dried shrimps inside. It just tasted super nice. Lettuce, cucumber and carrot were all fresh and crunchy and you can always ask for more. Make sure you don't forget to try those salad on top of those pork belly, they are the best part of this dish. They are perfectly seasoned with spice and sesame oil. Shame they couldn't refill that for us (we actually asked for more every time haha).   

Mushroom Fried Rice with BBQ Pork 
This is a very usual Korean dish you could get elsewhere but you could easily tell this one is much better. We tried this for two times. The first time we had it the pork was slightly overcooked which made them a bit rough, but this time the tenderness of the barbecue pork brought the whole thing to a whole new level! The pork was beautifully marinated, it has a sweet and fruity flavour.

Wishing y'all a bright and fruitful year! Here's to another awesome year ahead, happy 2k15 you beautiful lot x

JANG ; The L. Place, 137-141 Queen's Road Central

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