Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Pho Sure!

 Chômchôm has been around for quite a while, we've been dying to try for too long. Firstly because we love Vietnamese food, I mean who doesn't? Secondly it was one of the most highly anticipated restaurants on our to-go list because everyone's been telling us how good it is and how it is better than Bêp (One of our fave Vietnamese restaurants), which turned out to be false, Bêp FTW! I seriously don't understand why people like it that much, maybe the chef just wasn't in the right mood that day, maybe?

It's located on Peel Street; right down Brunch Club, opposite 7-11. We've walked pass it too many times and not realising its existence prob because it doesn't look very Vietnamese? And those stairs outside, BE CAREFUL!! Just a friendly reminder.

They open at half 4 everyday and to get the perfect daylight for blogging, we went there as soon as they opened aka the most awkward time for lunch/ tea/ early dinner? Btw, those handwriting on the mirror, love that!

First thing's first, they do not have pho which is velly velly disappointing! We can't help but order pho every time we visit a Vietnamese restaurant. We actually spent really long time deciding what to order despite the fact that they didn't have a large variety pfft!

VFC $88; Shrimp & Roasted Pork Rice Paper Roll $78; Bun Cha Pork Skewer $128

Vietnamese fried chicken wings, couldn't/shouldn't be bad but they were bad... They were just overpowered and really salty, they were like your-lips-and-gum-get-swollen-after-the-first-bite salty, you get the idea lol. We're the biggest fans of chicken wings but it was too salty that we couldn't finish JUST EIGHT chicken wings. But to be honest, even if they are less salty, they are just ordinary chicken wings which you could easily find them somewhere else or make them yourselves, just saying!

Shrimp & Roasted Pork Rice Paper Roll
This was the only good dish we had sadly. I mean if the other dishes taste as good as this one, we might actually come again. We were actually so glad that they were not overly salty, or we were gonna leave with empty belly. You usually get either pork, chicken or soft shell crab in rice paper rolls, but this one they had both pork and shrimp #greediness. All the other usual ingredients were fresh and the rice paper was soft and chewy. We just hate dried out rice paper.

Bun Cha Pork Skewer 
Have absolute no idea what the name means ha but basically there were pork belly, pork shoulder and vermicelli which I convinced myself it shall taste kinda like that bun vermicelli at Bêp. But again, this was too salty that it hurter our gum, maybe it'd be better if the bae didn't pour all the sauce in it, just maybe?

I know some people like Chômchôm a lot but we found it completely overrated. I wouldn't have expected that much if the Brit girl from work didn't keep telling they are way better than Bêp
(from her opinion which is nonsense!). No expectations = no disappointments duh!
But hey there was one thing that we like them better than Bêp, Chômchôm is more airy and it has the daylight peeking in which allows us to take pics and blog ha!

Chômchôm ; G/F Block A, No. 58-60 Peel Street, Central

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