Thursday, 29 January 2015

Pho Sure! 2.0

If Chômchôm was Katy Perry, Bêp (which is under the group of Nha Trang) had to be Beyonce because it hasn't only got the look but it's the whole package. It looks great, tastes sensational which makes it certainly the best Viet restaurant in HK. Last time we had a post on Chômchôm which we weren't really impressed. We will tell you why and how we think Bêp is better than Chômchôm right about now.

First, Bêp has two shops so you could always make your way to the other one when one is full; and Chômchôm only has one. We usually go to the one in Soho; next to Pure Fitness, we only went to this one on Wellington Street; right next to Mana, for blogging because it's so much brighter here. Here's something you may not know, although they have the same menu, the food is much better at the one in Soho for some reasons.

Second, they have a larger variety of choices than Chômchôm, not to mention Chômchôm doesn't even have pho which is really disappointing! But there's one thing Chômchôm does better than Bêp is that they have better rice paper rolls. ( If you really want rolls in Bêp, try the fish rolls called Ca Chien Cuon. It's not too bad! )

Beef Salad $90; Calamari Cake $68; Rice Platter $90; Bun Vermicelli with Pork $78;
Beef Salad
This is defo not one of those healthy salads but this is probably one of the tastiest salads we have ever had. It has so much flavours and it's that kind of salads that wouldn't make you feel like, okay I'm eating straight grass now. The sauce is very vietnamese, sour, citrus, super refreshing. The char-grilled beef is tender and smoky; tomatoes are juicy and fresh; the crushed peanuts and sesame are awesome. However, surprisingly, we found ourselves enjoy eating the onions and tomatoes more than the beef.

Calamari Cake
Compare to other vietnamese food, this calamari cake has a milder flavour, not saying it's less tasty than any other dishes tho. We actually love it! You can actually find real calarmi bits inside and there's also chopped red pepper and water chestnut. This is certainly one of the dishes we order every time.

Rice Platter
If I have to use one word to describe this rice platter, it has to be 'satisfying'. This is the dish that constantly comes into my mind when I feel proper hungry. It has a BIG slice of honey glazed pork cutlet, it's huge and so delicious. For those of you who don't like hard and tough pork chop, I guarantee you this is not the case in Bêp!  There's also a fried egg, and some caramelised braised shrimps, and rice, I mean what more can you ask for?

Bun Vermicelli with Pork
In Bêp you can either have Pho or Bun. If you feel like having some fabulous pork cutlet, you have to order this Bun Xuong Nuong! Nothing could ever go wrong with Bun Vermicelli, top it off with the fermented carrots and viet sauce, just bring it the a whole new level. Besides, the Pho Nam is pretty awesome too, love the mint and basil together.

What are you guys up to this weekend? We is pretty excited for the Lily Allen's gig, see you there maybe? *wink*

Bêp ; Ground Floor 88 - 90 Wellington St, Central

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